Mobile Decon Shower Trailers

24’ Trailer contains 4 shower stalls

Product Description

  • 24’ Trailer contains 4 shower stalls
  • 16’ Trailer contains 2 shower stalls
  • Tandem axle trailer is DOT approved
  • Mircon lead filtration system
  • Exterior hand wash station is included
  • HEPA negative air unit
  • Storage lockers & steel benches


  • On site decontamination of lead or asbestos for worker personnel
  • Meets all provincial regulations for lead removal
  • Units are available for rent or purchase
  • Custom units available for purchase
  • Quality equipment fabrication & workmanship

Product Description

Decontamination Shower Trailers are designed and manufactured to facilitate worker personnel on industrial jobsites. Decon units are built with heavy-duty steel frame beams and that are both DOT & OSHA compliant. All trailers are built with heavy duty steel, fold- away access steps and include full-sized aluminum hinged doors. Decon units contain a “Clean Side” and “Dirty Side” in which workers are to enter the “Dirty Side”, remove all contaminated clothing, and enter showers which are protected by triple flap air-lock curtains. After showering, workers will exit the showers into the “Clean Side”, which will have steel benches and lockers for changing purposes.


  • Lead abatement projects
  • Asbestos abatement projects
  • Power plants
  • Oil refineries
  • Industrial coatings projects

Stock Sizes

Item NoDescription
16′ x 8′ trailer unit24′ x 8′ trailer unit
(2) Shower stalls(4) Shower stalls
5,000 lb. tongue jack10,000 lb. tongue jack
5,200 lb. tandem axle with electric brakes6,000 lb. tandem axle with electric brakes
Dual Lead and Asbestos filtration systemDual Lead and Asbestos filtration system
LFS-10 Lead filtration systemLFS-10 Lead filtration system
Triple flap OSHA air-lock curtainsTriple flap OSHA air-lock curtains
(1) 80 gallon holding tank under trailer(1) 80 gallon holding tank under trailer
(1) 40 gallon electric water heater(1) 65 gallon electric water heater
(1) Exterior hand wash station(1) Exterior hand wash station
(1) HEPA negative air unit 700 CFM(1) HEPA negative air unit 700 CFM
(3) Fluorescent light fixtures(4) Fluorescent light fixtures
(1) Roof mounted A/C unit(4) Fluorescent light fixtures
A/C unit – 13,600 BTU with 5,600 BTU heat stripA/C unit – 13,600 BTU with 5,600 BTU heat strip
(1) Electrical wall heater, 1,500 watt(1) Electrical wall heater, 1,500 watt
(6) personnel lockers, 12″ x 18″ x 36″(6) personnel lockers, 12″ x 18″ x 36″
(2) Aluminum benches(2) Aluminum benches
Breaker unit 100 amp, 240v/120vBreaker unit 100 amp, 240v/120v
FMVSS compliant running lightsFMVSS compliant running lights
Personnel storage lockersPersonnel storage lockers
Electric washer & dryer hook upsElectric washer & dryer hook ups
Roof mounted air intakeRoof mounted air intake
No-Leak aluminum roof constructionNo-Leak aluminum roof construction
A-PEX plumbing systemNo-Leak aluminum roof construction
HD steel folding steps and handrailsHD steel folding steps and handrails
OSHA compliantOSHA compliant
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