EnScaf Enclosures

Durashield Tarps

Coated woven polyethylene solid fabric

Product Description

  • Coated woven polyethylene solid fabric
  • 12 mil, 14 mil, 16 mil, 20 mil thickness
  • Heat welded seams
  • Reinforced webbing and grommets on all perimeter edges
  • Reinforced webbing and grommets on internal center seams
  • Reinforced corner patches
  • Containment overlaps available for joining tarps together
  • Flame Retardant available, meets NFPA 701 Test Method II
  • Reduces airborne silica exposure


  • Contains dust, debris, overspray and waste
  • Provides a negative pressure enclosure
  • Tough, rugged material for extended use
  • Coated material for weather protection
  • Reusable
  • Quality custom fabrication workmanship
  • Made in USA

Product Description

Durashield Tarps are heavy duty solid tarps used for high end industrial and construction applications. Durashield fabrics range from 12 mil to 20 mil thickness and are 100% coated for weather applications. The extrusion coating allows the tarp to act as weather shield enclosure or solid environmental containment cover. Durashield tarps are custom fabricated, made to order. These tarps include heavy duty reinforced webbing and rust proof brass grommets and all outer edges. These tarps also include internal center seams with additional grommets down the middle of the tarp for maximum attachment points. Durashield tarps are built for jobs that require added strength, durability, and overall maximum protection.


  • Heavy duty construction covers
  • Weather enclosure tarps
  • Industrial roof covers
  • Building wrap
  • Industrial paint overspray containment
  • Grain or storage cover
  • Keder or roof truss systems
  • Containment liners & membrane

Stocked in the US

Tarp Size MIL Thickness Color FR/Non-FR Item No Packaging
Custom Tarp 12 mil Silver/White Non-Flame Retardant DST-12 1/bag
Custom Tarp 14 mil Black/White Non-Flame Retardant DST-14 1/bag
Custom Tarp FR 14 mil FR Cream Flame Retardant DST-14-FR 1/bag
Custom Tarp 16 mil Blue/White Non-Flame Retardant DST-16 1/bag
Custom Tarp 20 mil White/White Non-Flame Retardant DST-20 1/bag
Custom Tarp FR 20 mil FR Cream Flame Retardant DST-20-FR 1/bag