EnScaf Enclosures

Mesh Debris Tarps

Product Features

  • High density polyethylene mesh debris netting
  • 1/16” mesh hole openings
  • 70% shade mesh
  • Tear resistant mesh fabric
  • Perimeter edges & seams are folded, hemmed and double stitched
  • Brass grommets spaced every 3 feet on all edges & internal center seams
  • UV treated & protected
  • Tear resistant mesh, will not unravel when cut
  • Allows air to pass through
  • Contains airborne silica dust & debris during construction
  • Remains flexible in cold weather climates
  • Flame Retardant (FR) meets NFPA 701 Test Method II


  • Mesh scaffolding enclosure
  • Provides a wind block or shade cloth
  • Helps contain dust, debris and overspray
  • Easy to tie down
  • Additional grommets down the center for maximum tie down points
  • Tear resistant mesh
  • Allows air to pass through

Product Description

Mesh Tarps are 1/16” knitted debris netting fabricated with reinforced hemmed edges and brass grommets. Mesh tarps are typically used to create a building enclosure during new construction, spray fireproofing, plastering, stucco, EIFS, drywall installation and scaffolding applications. The 70% knitted mesh allows air flow yet still allows for containment of dust and debris. The tarps include an internal center seam down the middle with additional grommets for maximum tie down points and added load strength. Mesh tarps allow contractors to maintain airflow, provide shade and finish the job while containing the elements. The tarps are easy to use, easy to install and easy to fold and store. All mesh tarps are tested and approved to meet today’s industrial and construction standards.


  • Construction building enclosure
  • Scaffolding enclosure
  • Demolition tarp
  • Spray fireproofing
  • Plastering, stucco, EIFS, masonry
  • Drywall installation
  • Exterior restoration

Stock Sizes

Tarp Size Color FR/Non-FR Item No Bale Quantity
20′ x 50′ Black Flame Retardant MT-2050-BLK-FR 2 tarps per bale
20′ x 50′ Dark Green Flame Retardant MT-2050-DGR-FR 2 tarps per bale
20′ x 50′ Desert Tan Flame Retardant MT-2050-DST-FR 2 tarps per bale
20′ x 50′ White Flame Retardant MT-2050-WHT-FR 2 tarps per bale