EnScaf Enclosures

Poly Burlap Curing Blankets

Product Features

  • “Wet cure” method of concrete curing
  • 10 oz. burlap laminated onto 5 mil white coated poly
  • 10′ x 100′ roll
  • Meets AASHTO M-182 specification for concrete curing with burlap
  • Natural burlap provides moisture absorption
  • Coated white poly reflects sunlight and intense heat rays


  • Quality lamination between the two fabrics
  • Burlap is moisture absorbent material
  • White coated poly reflects sunlight and intense heat rays
  • Material is flexible
  • Easy handle, easy to move
  • Meets DOT requirements for concrete curing
  • Reusable

Product Description

Poly Burlap curing blankets are two-layer concrete curing covers made from 10 oz. burlap sheet laminated onto a 5 mil white coated polyethylene fabric. The “wet cure” method of concrete curing entails spraying water onto the semi-hardened poured concrete then laying out the blankets over the concrete surface. The burlap side of the blanket faces down towards the concrete. Burlap is made of natural moisture absorbing fibers and it basically holds in the moisture. The white coated poly fabric faces up reflecting sunlight and intense heat rays. This curing method allows for a smoother, harder and more durable concrete surface.


  • Freshly poured concrete
  • Bridge & overpass projects
  • Decks, slabs, concrete surfaces
  • Retaining walls & concrete columns
  • Vertical concrete construction

Stock Sizes

Roll Size Burlap White Poly Specifications Item No Packaging
10′ x 100′ 10 oz. 5 mil AASHTO M-182 CLASS II, ASTM C-171 PB-10100 24 rolls