EnScaf Enclosures

Personnel Safety Nets

Product Features

  • Made from high tenacity knotted nylon net
  • Base net: 3.5” diamond net
  • Debris net liner: 1/16″ mesh
  • Rating: 17,500 lb. drop test load capacity
  • Steel snap clips are staggered every 4 feet around perimeter edges
  • Debris net liners available for small & chunk debris
  • Complies with ANSI A10.11-1989 for personnel & debris nets
  • Complies with CSA standards for safety & fall protection systems
  • Stock sizes and custom sizes available
  • Flame Retardant nets (FR) meets NFPA 701, available upon request


  • Protects workers in the event of an accidental fall
  • Protects construction debris & tools from falling
  • Protects pedestrians & nearby adjacent properties
  • Provides leading edge fall protection
  • Steel snap clips are included with each safety net

Product Description

Personnel safety nets are made from high tenacity 3.5” knotted nylon and tested to meet construction industry fall protection standards. Safety nets are most commonly used during building construction, bridge construction, petrochemical construction and marine industrial construction. All safety nets are available with or without debris net liners. Debris Liners are manufactured from 1/16” debris net, 3/8” polyester net or 85% shade wind screen. All nets include durable polypropylene rope borders and approved steel snap clips which are staggered every 4 feet around the perimeter. This allows for an easy, safe and secure installation. Safety nets may be attached to an approved cable system or in conjunction with an approved fall protection outrigger system. All Eagle safety nets are OSHA compliant, ANSI compliant and tested for approval. Stock sizes and custom sizes are available for production.


  • Vertical building construction
  • Construction elevator shafts
  • Bridge construction & maintenance
  • Industrial plants, refineries, offshore platforms
  • Marine ship repair industry
  • Tunnel and highway overpass construction

Stocked Sizes

Net SizeColorDebris Net LinerItem NoPackaging
10′ x 20′Black70% mesh, optionalPSN-10201 per carton
15′ x 15′Black70% mesh, optionalPSN-15151 per carton
15′ x 20′Black70% mesh, optionalPSN-15201 per carton
15′ x 25′Black70% mesh, optionalPSN-15251 per carton
15′ x 30′Black70% mesh, optionalPSN-15301 per carton
15′ x 40′Black70% mesh, optionalPSN15401 per carton
17′ x 24′ x 17′Black70% mesh, optionalPSN-1724171 per carton
20′ x 20′Black70% mesh, optionalPSN-20201 per carton
20′ x 25′Black70% mesh, optionalPSN-20251 per carton
20′ x 30′Black70% mesh, optionalPSN-20301 per carton
20′ x 40′Black70% mesh, optionalPSN-20401 per carton
25′ x 25′Black70% mesh, optionalPSN-25251 per carton
25′ x 50′Black70% mesh, optionalPSN-25501 per carton
30′ x 40′Black70% mesh, optionalPSN-30401 per carton