Logo Printing & Image Printing

Made from high strength reinforced PVC vinyl fabric

Product Description

  • Made from high strength reinforced PVC vinyl fabric
  • Heat sealed edges and grommets, webbing is optional
  • PM70 = 7 oz. mesh, 70% shade
  • PM90 = 9 oz. mesh, 90% shade
  • Hi-Resolution logo printing
  • Hi-Resolution image printing & decorative scrim
  • High UV treatment
  • Flame Retardant, meets NFPA 701 Test Method II


  • Logo branding & marketing
  • Advertisements and public relations
  • Protect or hide ongoing construction jobsites
  • Co-branding between multiple companies
  • Custom retail and commercial decor solutions
  • Marquee building enclosures

Product Description

Printed mesh materials have become an increasing form of promotion that allows companies to print logos, advertisements and designs on a variety of finished vinyl fabrics. In today’s construction industry, contractors prefer their logo and brand to be associated with everything that they do. Printed netting and printed enclosures is just another to help them brand their jobsites. We have the ability to print on a variety of mesh and solid materials such as knitted nettings, woven meshes, vinyl, polyethylene, polypropylene or more. Whether you’re looking print you logo on fence screen to design a full detail decorative scrim enclosures, Eagle is the ultimate source for all types of printing solutions.


  • Building wrap
  • New construction building enclosure
  • Restoration enclosure
  • Logo fence screens
  • Logo debris netting
  • Special events & sporting venues
  • Company branding & marketing
  • Public advertisements

Stock Sizes

Printed MeshMeshFabric WeightFR/Non-FRItem No
Custom Printed Mesh70% PVC Vinyl7 oz.Flame RetardantPM70-0000
Custom Printed Mesh90% PVC Vinyl9 oz.Flame RetardantPM90-0000
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