EnScaf Enclosures

Dust Socks

Product Features

  • Made from 100% cotton sateen or on-woven polypropylene
  • Includes zipper access for cleaning
  • Slightly breathable for air filtration
  • Safely captures crystalline silica dust
  • High volume air flow design
  • Tapered neck for easy attachments
  • Designed to fit Black Max Fans
  • Custom sizing available


  • Clean environment
  • Economic dust collection
  • Unzips for easy cleaning
  • Silica dust containment

Product Description

Highly efficient, economical solutions for industrial dust collection and airborne particulate filtration. Dust Socks are made from 100% Cotton Sateen or Non-woven Polypropylene and include built in zippers for cleaning purposes. All socks are slightly breathable and tapered at the necks for fitting purposes. Dust Socks are available in a variety of stock sizes but may be custom fabricated to fit any dust collection application. If you have a project where dust collection is required, Dust Socks are economically priced and environmentally friendly.


  • Containment projects
  • Abrasive blasting
  • Negative pressure enclosures
  • Jobsite air and dust filtration
  • Restoration construction

Stock in Canada

Size Material Efficient Black Max Fan Item Number Package
4’6″ x 7′ Cotton Sateen 12″ DUS-407-CS 1/bag
4’6″ x 15′ Cotton Sateen 16″ DUS-415-CS 1/bag
8′ x 20′ Cotton Sateen 20″, 24″ DUS-820-CS 1/bag

Stock in the US

Size Material Efficient Black Max Fan Item Number Package
3’6″ x 10′ Cotton Sateen 12″ DUS-310-CS 1/bag
6′ x 15′ Cotton Sateen 16″, 20″ DUS-615-CS 1/bag
6′ x 20′ Cotton Sateen 20″, 24″ DUS-620-CS 1/bag